How to take care of your Dalia linen clothing

If you treat your linen clothing with care, it will live long! Here we have gathered some good advice as to how you should wash and treat your linen from the Dalia collection.

Use the right soap

Linen should be washed with wool shampoo, wool soap or soap flakes. When using these kind of soaps, the linen is impregnated and it creases less. Never use regular washing powder when you wash linen. Regular washing powder contains bleach and solvent that can damage the fabric. With the wrong soaps the linen is scoured and it loses its shine and flexibility.

If you by a mistake wash your linen clothing with the wrong soap, we recommend you to soak up the linen overnight in a mix of soap flakes and hot water. This method will give the linen clothing its shine back. The same procedure can easily be used, if your linen clothing after many washes starts to look hard and worn.

Wash gently

The best part of linen can be washed in the washing machine on a short program. The linen can be washed at a maximum of 50 degrees and cold wash is recommended.

We recommend you to use a washing bag for knitwear, cardigans and dresses with buttons. In this way you secure that the machine does not damage the fabric. With very thin or delicate knitwear we recommend hand wash.   

In general, you should air-dry linen clothing. If you wish to iron the linen, it should be while the fabric is still damp and with the wrong side turned out. Trousers from the Dalia collection do not need ironing, if they in wet condition are pulled a little lengthwise and then are hung to dry. By pulling the fabric you straighten the linen fibres and avoid ironing.

No shrinkage

During the production of Dalia clothing, the linen is prewashed and softened before sewing. This means that Dalia linen clothing does not shrink after washing.