Our production

For us it’s important that all our production is within Europe, and therefore the entire Dalia clothing collection is made in Lithuania. In Lithuania Dalia Christensen’s sister Stefa is in charge of the production, and here she makes sure that all designs undergo a tailored and secure process right from selection of materials to delivery to vendor.

Why do we work with linen?

Linen is a 100 percent natural product that is gentle and in a strong quality. In linen clothing your body can breathe freely, and the material has the ability to cool you off on warm summer days whereas in winter times, it can keep you warm. Linen is made to be worn and that is exactly why linen is the natural choice of material for the Dalia collections.

Production with care

All linen for production is certified with the certificate Oeko Tex   Standart 100 This means that the linen is a 100 percent European product that is grown and manufactured sustainably and under orderly working conditions.

In addition, most parts of the linen are dyed with natural colour and without any use of chemical dye. In that way we protect both you and the environment.

After dyeing the linen is prewashed and softened before sewing. This makes the quality of the finished linen designs both soft and light.